Holiday planning

Been busy going through my clipped recipes and cookbooks (especially the Goodwill ones that I only purchased for a few recipes).  This is something we do every winter in my house.  This year I am starting to sort them with the idea in mind of organizing them by Jewish Holiday.  I have seen some awesome holiday planners on both youtube and Etsy.  Some are preprinted downloads (which means you purchase once and can reuse it forever.  Others are ideas and you can make them up yourself.  But I have yet to find one for Jewish holidays.  And that was when I realized, what’s stopping me from that?  Nothing!

Many of the ideas from the Holiday planners can be made up in Word with new titles for Chanukah, Purim, whatever holiday you feel you need more organization on.  Guests lists, shopping lists, a place to organize who is bringing what, and a place for those special recipes that get written down on pieces of paper and passed between family members.  Some folks also use their organizers to track what worked and what didn’t.  Everything from a couple pics of “how did we do the extra tables last year?” to “did we stay on budget?” can be reviewed and remembered when the relatives are coming for dinner.  So this can be as detailed or as minimalist as you need.  It has to work for you, not anybody else. So what are you waiting for!


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