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Cream of soup! 

Ok, this is awesome!  I watch some awesome Youtubers.  Noreen’s Kitchen, Linda’s Pantry, and The Kneady Homesteader.  I was going through some older Homesteader videos when I found THIS gem!  Cream of soups, that are kosher, are impossible to find where I live.  At best, I would have to order them from Seattle and have them delivered by Affordable Kosher.  I’m willing to do that for meat, but not for a canned item that has ingredients in it which I’m not thrilled with, to begin with. I had found, and posted some dried cream base recipes.  And those are handy because none of the ingredients need refrigeration.  But I knew there had to be more!  So when I watched this, I knew I had what I was looking for.

See, the problem isn’t making a cream soup, if you are making a dairy meal.  Cream of mushroom, for example, is easy to make.  These soups are used as a base for other meals, though, and some of the best mainstream family recipes use them with meat.  For example, the beloved chicken pot pie.  It’s creamy, it’s yummy, filling, and a great way to disguise leftovers for even the pickiest eater.  But a kosher cook can’t put chicken and milk in the same pot, let alone eat it at the same meal.  It finally clicked when Heather was so patiently explaining the basics of a bechamel sauce.  Substitute the butter for a parve (or neutral) fat, such as olive oil, and substitute the milk for something parve, such as Silk’s unsweetened almond milk.  I had already substituted oil for the butter in a similar recipe and knew the roux would work.  I didn’t know if I could achieve the gravy results I was looking for with something like almond milk, and if needed a little cornstarch slurry.

Total Success!!!!  This is the link to Heather’s recipe where she uses it to make Chicken and Rice soup.

The only thing we need to do is switch out the parve ingredients for the dairy ones, since we are making a meat meal, here.  I did notice, with the almond milk, that I had to increase my spices and my soup base to get over the blandness of the almond milk.  But you need to taste your food as you go anyway, so check your seasonings at multiple stages.  If it’s still bland add more.  I also used Osem’s soup and seasoning mixes.  I love that they are moving to a more natural base.  I used Mushroom and the parve Chicken when I made the Chicken pot pie soup/filling.  Then I used Beef, some Chicken, and Onion for my soup base because I wanted cream of onion soup.  I had some hamburger to use up (our fridge just went out-use it or loose it).  So hamburger, a ton of onions (I’m fighting off a cold), and veggies from the freezer, peas, carrots, a little broccoli, and cauliflower, and it was awesome!

Even better, I can make up soup combos that I can’t find at the store.  I’ve never seen the cream of onion.  I have seen the cream of cauliflower recipe in an old cookbook.  Cream of celery or broccoli?  No problem.  I even added Cream of Coconut to the chicken dish to see if it was needed to make the dish as creamy as milk would be.  It was nice, but it took more seasoning to hide the coconut taste (which I don’t care for).  It also wasn’t needed.  I didn’t use it at all with the onion and hamburger.  Instead, I added a small amount of cornstarch slurry with almond milk.  Same difference, but a lot cheaper than cream of coconut.

And this did lead me down a wonderful rabbit hole!  I was looking for recipes for homemade bouillon.  Sure enough, Mrs. Volfie, at Our Half Acre Homestead made some.  Now, it is meat, not parve, but it looked awesome! She made homemade Chicken powder and those non-kosher Knorr broth cubes? All Nigerian Recipes made them here.  And when I go Through Mrs. Volfie’s recipes again, I know she makes mushroom powder, and powders some of her other dried vegetables.  So if you are bound and determined to never let store bouillon in your kitchen, it can be done!  I’m happy with the Osem, and am happy that customers are pushing them to use more natural ingredients.  When I have a full kosher kitchen, I will be making my own as well.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy these much-missed pot pie fillings, casserole fillings, and soups.  They taste wonderful, and I got plenty full on mostly vegetables. Great for filling and cheap meals all winter.











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