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Chicken orzo

Everyone is getting over colds here, and with some very un-Washington cold weather, chicken soups have been a frequent flyer.  I made 2 recipes from Kimmie at She’s in Her Apron, on Youtube.  The first one I’ll put the link here.  The only thing I changed was the herbes de Provence.  I don’t care for a strong lavender taste, but I have found that if I cut the amount in half and replace that with more rosemary, I love it.  And I was out of bay leaves.  This soup tasted like Thanksgiving dinner in a bowl.  I can see why she likes making it when she doesn’t feel, good.  I’ll be doing that, too!

The second one was more challenging!  It called for a Knorr garlic and herb sauce packet.  Finding them wasn’t a problem.  They aren’t kosher.  They don’t have a  hechsher.  Furthermore, it’s dairy and it was in a meat soup.   Since I haven’t finished my conversion, I’m not prohibited from eating them, but wanted to make this kosher.  So I bought two packets to I could see what they tasted like.

So I bought two packets to I could see what they tasted like.  It’s a garlic cream sauce and the only thing else I can taste is onion powder.  Bits of parsley is visible (I’m assuming it’s parsley, as it doesn’t have a taste).  If there is something else in the “herbs and spices” part of the ingredients, you can’t really taste it.  Even the garlic is mild.  But it is really thick.  So, as I thought, I can use Heather, of the Kneady Homesteaders Bechamel replacement for a cream sauce and make cream of garlic.  Then add it to the soup.  Kimmie’s 2nd soup recipe is here!  The only thing I will do the next time I make this is to add a bit more flour, as I’m sure it should be a little thicker. Heather talked about how she did that for her mac and cheese.  That’s how the packet came out, very thick.   I also added a ton of onion because I’m getting over a cold and wanted the antiviral properties!

Two quick soups!  I made both out of precooked chicken thighs made earlier in the week.  So both came together quickly!  Stay warm everyone!







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