About me

Hi! Welcome to my kosher kitchen!  I’ve been learning how to keep kosher for about 10 years now.  I love to cook but never had much time due to family, work and school.  I have more time now so I am always looking at how I can adjust a recipe to make it both kosher and yummy.  In the Facebook group Leaving Christianity and Finding the Truth, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who initially felt very overwhelmed.  So my intention in writing for this blog is to lay out ways to make the switch in a more comfortable and fun manner. This food adventure is part of our adventure in Torah! So we won’t get everything the first time, or the first holiday, but we will learn more each time we do it.  The hardest part is making a start.  When I can, I will share links or videos to help us learn more about both keeping kosher and the Torah behind it.  There is a big wide kosher world out there, and I want to explore it all!  Everyone is welcome! Pour yourself a hot cup, and sit down at the table.  We have an adventure in front of us. tumblr_n99i1dpjaw1teshruo1_1280