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Cream of soup! 

Ok, this is awesome!  I watch some awesome Youtubers.  Noreen’s Kitchen, Linda’s Pantry, and The Kneady Homesteader.  I was going through some older Homesteader videos when I found THIS gem!  Cream of soups, that are kosher, are impossible to find where I live.  At best, I would have to order them from Seattle and have them delivered by Affordable Kosher.… Continue reading Cream of soup! 

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Rose’s Mandelbrot

The blog Couldn’t Be Parve is a favorite for kosher desserts. This is one of my favorites, and is my absolute favorite mandelbrot recipe and this blog is also the source of some awesome kosher Marshmallow recipes.  The only thing I didn’t have was slivered almonds.  I have ground almonds in the freezer for making macarons (that’s… Continue reading Rose’s Mandelbrot